Hello world!

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4 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. jd west says:

    After todays class and talking about Greece I thought that globalization is like a sports team. Imagine the world as a basketball team and countries as players and the world as the team. The stronger one player gets the stronger the team gets but that goes both ways though, so the weaker one player gets the weaker the team gets. Just like if Greece keeps getting worse or any other country the worse we will all be.

  2. jd west says:

    When did globalization start?
    It is important to know when globalization began because then we can get a better understanding on how to deal with it and embrace it.
    How will globalization affect the countries that try to reject it and isolate themselves from the world?
    will these countries fall behind, will they prosper, or be the fall of their own demise.
    Will globalization destroy the thoughts of super powers and make all countries more equal and is this a good or bad thing?
    this is important because if america becomes just another country equal in power to other once weaker countries how will people react to this.

  3. jd west says:

    my blog that i am following http://gilbane.com/globalization/

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