In a perfect world

The Key to Globalization is education. I say this because globalization forces cultures to interact and clash into each other. You can either get crushed by this or conquer it. Because while being exposed to so many cultures it can become overwhelming but if you have the education and knowledge to know what is good and what is bad then you will succeed. Having the knowledge to take the best from every culture and leave out all the bad then you will be greatly successful in life. A perfect world is where the french are the chefs, the italians are the lovers, the british are the police, the germans are the mechanics, and the swiss run the trains; this is an example of taking the best of all cultures and leaving out the bad. But not having the right knowledge the world could end up where the british are the chefs, the swiss are the lovers, the germas are the police, the french are the mechanics, and the italians run the trains; this would be terrible. So in the end make sure your smart enough to know whats good and whats not.

One Response to “In a perfect world”

  1. Prof.Glaw says:

    If we do as you suggest, is there a way to maintain our own culture too, or must we give that up to get the “best” combined culture that you’re proposing?