what is culture?

what is culture? Is it the music you listen to, the food you eat, the way you spend your time during the day? Is it the language you speak, or the clothes you where? what is culture? Culture is whatever you want it to be; culture can be your past, present, and future. Culture can be where your from and where you are now. Culture is whatever you perceive it to be. It can be a punk rocker cause thats what you like, yet you can still be a southerner cause your from the south. Why cant you be a surfer dude while living in New England because you live your life the exact same way. Why cant you be born in Alabama and only know Chinese and only eat Chinese food, and meditate everyday and live your life like a monk yet still be 100percent American.

One Response to “what is culture?”

  1. Prof.Glaw says:

    You can be all of those things, or make your own culture, if you’re strong enough.